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Traders who consistently reap big rewards, do so by breaking down the elements of trading into simple, manageable steps. Now, Stan Kim’s 90 minute video workshop does just that for all traders – providing a step-by-step system for targeting big potential, high probability trades. Benefit from Kim’s expertise, as he shares his secrets for … -Selecting hot stocks, in the hottest industries -Evaluating the market’s daily reaction to news items -Determining where to enter a trade, how to use technical indicators to your trading advantage, when to place stops, how long to hold a position – and so much more. Plus – Kim outlines an easy, methodical way to improve the trading acumen of the one person who could be sabotaging your trading success – YOU! He shows how to assess your own trading patterns and ratios, as well as your own good AND bad habits – so you can develop a trading system, suited to your own temperament, that will produce optimal results, time and again.

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