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Options Trader, Author, Options Trading Lecturer, Options Trading Teacher, Floor Trader, Financial Software Developer, Consultant, and one of the co-founders of one of the most successful options brokerage firms in the world, Charles Cottle (The Ri$k Doctor) has made a career sharing information on Options Trading Training, Options Trading Seminars and Options Trading Education. This diverse background and experience in the industry have brought Charles to the Internet where everyone can benefit from his vast knowledge and experience.

Options Career

October 1981 Became a floor trading Member of The CBOE.

April 1983 Became a floor trading Member of The CBOT. Traded in the Treasury bond options pit, World's first commodity options trading pit.

January 1985 Became a floor trading Member of CME, heading up a multi-exchange Options market maker group: CBOT: Corn, Soybeans, T-Notes & T-Bonds, with options CME: Eurodollars, Deutsche Marks, S&P 500 & Live Cattle, With options. CBOE: OEX index and Options.

October 1989 Director of Instruction at International Trading Institute, Ltd. Instrumental in the development of Trade$tar II the options market simulator. Trained market makers, brokers, and programmers when exchange based electronic trading was in its infancy: * Germany: 40% of the first 100 DTB market makers * Austria: 95% of the first 100 ÖTOB market makers * Spain: 100% of the first 36 MEFF market * Sweden and Denmark: Dozens of OM market makers

June 1995 Retired from floor trading. Wrote "Options: Perception and Deception", a 1996 Irwin Professional Publication (a subsidiary of McGraw-Hill) primarily for people training to become professional market makers.

September 1996 Launched RiskFixer™ Systems, Inc. that developed Position Dissection software for Risk Analysis and Developed Position Dissector software for Risk Analysis. Began to offer RiskDoctor® Services, mentoring the complexities of derivatives with trading professionals. [email protected] (773) 704 9698 September 1999 until June 2003 Co-founded thinkorswim, inc. - World's leading Options brokerage and education company. Series 4, 7, 55, and 63. Obtained the rights back for Options: Perception and Deception from McGraw-Hill in 1999 to recreate it exclusively for thinkorswim's retail customers as "Coulda Woulda Shoulda". Served as the firm's RiskDoctor, mentoring clients and associate brokers with hedging strategies and other option position complexities. Executed trades on behalf of the client when necessary because of position complexities. Serviced firm's clients that desired help with hedging. Handled the consequences of option exercises, many times, saving individuals hundreds or thousands of dollars by preventing them from exercising their longs, when assigned, by simply liquidating the remaining position at much better prices. Taught free seminars; Live Coaching according to anything on attendees' minds. Answers were provided by demonstrating how the client could use the software to find answers and by discussing and displaying images from Coulda Woulda Shoulda. Reading assignments were given and follow-up email dialogues helped participants digest the material. Wrote the user manuals for the thinkorswim trading platform. Invented Several Hybrid Hedges including the SlingshotHedge™.

  • July 2003 to September 2004 Private Software Consulting and Coaching. Trained 40 Market Makers for what became one of the Largest and Most Successful Market Making Firms by 2010 with profits of over $150M.
  • January 2004 Invented and applied for Patent Pending: "Apparatus; Method and System for Versatile Financial Mechanism and Transaction Generator and Interface", Nicknamed: DARTs (Dynamic Adjustable Risk Transactions).
  • September 2004 Launched Webinars
  • July 2005 Launched Graphically Illustrated forums seeded mostly from the Ri$k Doctor Webinar Series and individual posts and later converted to PDFs to accompany Videos.
  • January 2006 Published "Options Trading: The Hidden Reality", adding to "Could Woulda Shoulda" and revision bring back some of the original work in "Options: Perception and Deception".
  • June 2010 Co-Founded "Perception Options, LLC. And acquired SpreadHunter, LLC. To develop a Trading Platform featuring Hybrid Hedging DARTs and PositionDissction®. Launch Date: 3Q 2013.
  • January 2013 Founded OptionFlix™ as a delivery mechanism for Options Trading Education

Present RiskDoctor®, Inc, OptionFlix™, HybriDARTs. LLC.

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