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Phil Harkins, Keith Hollihan – Everybody Wins

An inside look at one of the world’s most successful real estate companies

RE/MAX was founded over 30 years ago in Denver, Colorado, based upon a revolutionary idea for a new system of selling real estate. Since then, RE/MAX has experienced over 380 straight months of explosive growth. In Everybody Wins, authors Phil Harkins and Keith Hollihan reveal how RE/MAX has achieved such phenomenal success by examining the company’s strategy, culture, and leadership. Harkins — with the full cooperation of RE/MAX — led a research team that closely studied RE/MAX as well as comparable fast-growing companies. The team observed critical meetings, attended conventions, dug through historical archives, and conducted extensive interviews with more than 50 key RE/MAX Leaders. The outcome is an insightful and engaging account of one of the world’s most successful companies. Order your copy today.

From the Inside Flap

“I firmly believe that the RE/MAX formula of everybody wins is applicable to all, whether starting a company, trying to grow a current business, helping a school or church or even perhaps working the corridors of government. If our story helps you create a winning formula for your dream, then I eagerly open my arms and welcome you into the everybody wins family.”
- RE/MAX Chairman and cofounder Dave Liniger.

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Phil Harkins, Keith Hollihan:

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  • Trading books are subject to gains and losses that affect the financial institution directly.
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