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Paul Collier - Accounting for Managers

Updated and revised, the new fourth edition of Accounting for Managers builds on the international success of the previous editions in explaining how accounting is used by non-financial managers.

Emphasizing the interpretation rather than the construction of accounting information, Accounting for Managers encourages a critical, rather than an unthinking acceptance of accounting techniques. Whilst immensely valuable for planning, decision-making, and control, users of accounting information need to recognize the assumptions behind, and the limitations of particular accounting techniques.  As in the previous editions, Accounting for Managers links theory with practical examples and case studies drawn from real business situations across a wide range of manufacturing, retail, and service industries.

Professor Reviews

Competitive Advantage:

Holds a unique position between theory and practice putting techniques into their academic context.  One of our reviewers commented the text provides an ideal blend for postgraduate students so that they can get to grips with the key issues but put them in a wider context.

According to another reviewer Collier is tailored for the postgraduate market generalist who needs a working knowledge of financial and management accounting techniques and an awareness of the assistance that can be provided by the accounting function in decision making and organizational and financial control.  There is no other text that fulfills this specific need.

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