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Dick A.Stoken – Cycles
What They are, What They Mean, How to Profit by Them

A brilliant exposition of market cycles, what they are — most important: how to identify them — and indeed, how to profit from them. Highly recommended.

About the Author

A 1958 M.B.A. graduate of the University of Chicago’s business school, Stoken has been a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange since 1959 and the Chicago Board of Trade since 1971.

Stoken is also a founding partner in broker Lind-Waldock and is head of Strategic Capital Management, a commodity trading advisor firm that manages commodity pools and hedge funds.


Cycles (1978)
Strategic Investment Timing (1984)
The Great Cycle (1993)
The Great Game of Politics (2004)
"Survival of The Fittest for Investors" (2011)

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