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“My List-Building Methods Ain’t Sexy…


“I’m probably the last guy anyone should listen to about list-building!” snaps this black sheep email specialist who thinks paid ads and social media are the devil.

“Frankly, there’s nothing ‘new’ about any of my methods, they’re mostly slow & tedious… and it could be months before you see results. But, they’ve helped me build one of the most responsive email lists of loyal, eager-to-buy & quick-to-refer leads in my industry. And they can probably help nearly any other kind of online business build such a list, too. That is… if you have patience, and if you aren’t a lazy bum who’s allergic to hard work!”

Dear Friend,

If you are okay with building a free email list that slowly & gradually swells up over time with loyal new customers eagerly & hungrily buying your offers… then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the low-down:

I have just published an expensive new book about the slow, boring, “meat & potatoes” list-building methods I’ve taught in various “Email Players” issues over the years, that have created what I believe is one of the most responsive lists in my industry. And, I daresay many people I’ve promoted for would agree, too — from the former Executive Vice President of one of the biggest direct marketing companies in history (who oversaw probably thousands of marketing campaigns, and has certainly “seen it all” when it comes to lists)… to A-list copywriters I’ve mailed for… to the dozens of people I’ve sold for as an affiliate (or as a favor for) over the years — including seasoned marketing pros who could not believe how responsive my list is, and how eager the good people on it were to buy their offers.

Anyway, the book is called:

“Email Players List Swell”

But realize there’s nothing “new” about the info inside.

Most of the tips take lots of time, effort, and patience to work, too.

And, frankly, the only reason I went through the trouble of creating it is because almost every week someone asks me about list-building, and I figured I might as well make some scratch out of the demand, while getting them to stop pestering me at the same time.

That said, here’s what’s inside this book:

  • The truly bizarre secret the late, great ad man David Ogilvy accidentally discovered about headshot pics that can potentially get your website hundreds of extra opt-ins. Page 107
  • 2 little-used ways to (legally) “siphon” the best, cream-of-the-crop leads from Facebook, Google, and other paid advertising platforms… without spending any money on their ads or even needing to have accounts with their sites. (Details starting on pages 26 & 61.)
  • A ridiculously simple way to get other businesses to send your website their best leads. (It truly astonishes me how few businesses think to do this — as this is probably the fastest and simplest list-building method I’ve ever used, and can potentially help even a raw newbie start building a list very quickly. Pages 21, 41 & 89.)
  • An almost laughably easy way to use the privacy policy on your squeeze pages to get more opt-ins to your business’s email list. Page 105
  • The cheapskate’s guide to building a hot list of leads so anxious to read and buy from your offers — they sometimes might even have their credit cards out before they opt in! Beginning on page 13
  • How some smart “Email Players” subscribers on Twitter are using that platform to build out large email lists for free. (If I was still on Twitter, and if I was more motivated, I’d do this all day long… plus, I show you who to follow to see it done in “real time.”) Pages 83-84
  • The exact cold email the “most connected man on the internet” used to help get even complete strangers with huge audiences to promote his business. (And yes, I show you the full email, as well as explain the psychology behind it.) Page 92
  • Why guys must play the mind games women claim to hate if they want to be successful in today’s “cut throat” dating world. (Nothing to do with email or list-building. But it’s important info for guys on the chase for a good woman.) Page 15
  • A secret invented 70 years ago by the billion dollar infomercial industry that can help even a business with a small list, small social media following, or small audience get a steady, reliable, and consistent stream of highly-qualified new opt-ins. Page 82
  • Where to hire a young punk who can save you hours of time by submitting your daily emails and other content to 50+ social media sites on the regular. (Full disclosure: I don’t bother with social media myself, and I don’t know if this guy does this anymore. But even if not, you now know people like this exist, and I tell you about a popular Facebook group where you might be able to find & hire such people. See page 18.)
  • Every trick, technique, and method I know for getting booked solid on podcasts (both big and small shows)… and turning those appearances into bigger email lists and bigger paydays. (Podcasts have always generated my best customers and leads — and I show you everything I’ve learned and used on the subject to help build a “hyper-responsive” list of customers who love to buy great offers and are a joy to deal with. Fun begins on page 61.)
  • How to use Kindle to get people to basically pay you to be on your free opt-in list.Page 19
  • An almost forgotten way to use old school press releases to drive traffic to your website. (Including a half dozen examples throughout the book you can model for your own offers. See pages 19 & 75.)
  • An admittedly strange & weird way to use an ordinary ball to connect with ice-cold list owners with big audiences and influence that might be interested in emailing their lists about your website. Page 94
  • How to get other businesses to write free “solo” ads about your business to their lists. Starting on page 27
  • An almost never-talked about way to get yourself booked on podcasts with big audiences with lots of industry-wide influence. (I first did this in the dog niche — when I stuttered through interviews, was a complete amateur, and had zero brand to speak of — to get booked on a podcast with around 10,000 listeners. You can see the simple thing I did to land that interview on page 67.)
  • How to “legally hijack” leads from high-traffic blogs right to your opt-in page. (This admittedly sounds a lot sexier than the secret really is… but it can still work like gangbusters to build your lists.) Page 18
  • Clever ways to use audio in text-based articles to get highly targeted traffic to your website. Pages 25 & 68
  • Stupid-obvious things (that hardly anyone does) you can do to your website to as much as double the size of your list over time using just the current traffic you’re already getting. Beginning on page 101
  • Why one of the best tools for building an email list is an ordinary telephone. Page 93
  • How to get the maximum number of leads onto your opt-in list from solo ads or endorsed mailings. Page 71
  • A quirky way I learned from observing one of the most popular podcasters on the planet for using Facebook to help build your list without buying any ads or writing any extra posts than you are now. (Another full disclosure: this only works if you have a huge following. And it is possible Facebook won’t allow it anymore, depending on when you are reading this.) Page 113
  • How one of my customers turned being bum-rushed by an online mob of drooling psychopaths and hostile media outlets (including Snopes!) into lots of new sales, new traffic, and new leads on her email list. Page 110
  • How to ethically “finagle” your ezine article resource boxes that can as much as double (and possibly even triple) the clicks you get to your opt-in pages over time. Page 17

Plus, there’s this, too:

I’ve also included in-depth interviews I’ve done with my all-time favorite traffic and list-building experts over the years, that were bonuses in various “Email Players” newsletter issues. However, before you read a single word about them below… realize while most of the information is “evergreen” and still works, some of it may not. Thus, you will have to use them at your own risk — especially when using “fickle” paid traffic platforms constantly strangling advertisers with inane rules and requirements.

Some of these tips are quite sneaky.

Others may be straight up “gray hat” or out of date.

And in at least a one case…

They May Even Be Illegal!

For example:

In one of the interviews (with a man who was a joint venture broker for certain “household name” internet marketing guru-types), he talked about how one of his clients created a Facebook ad with the pic and name of a particular affiliate he wanted to joint venture with. His client then ran the ad in such a way where only that affiliate saw it in his Facebook feed. Imagine seeing an ad in your Facebook feed with your face, mentioning your name, from a well-respected leader in your niche you admire… personally asking you to contact them. It’d be hard for most people to ignore it and not respond. And while that’s not unethical or shady in and of itself (it’s quite brilliant, in my opinion)… at the time of this writing, it is completely against Facebook’s rules. That is the sort of thing I am talking about with some of these interviews.

So when you see tips like that in the book’s last section, for your own sake…

Please Do Not Do Anything

That’ll Get You In Trouble!

Again, the vast majority of the tips in that section are fine.

But, that is an example of one to be careful of.

Here are just a few of the other tips you’ll read about:

  • How to use contests to potentially (and sometimes very quickly) get thousands of new subscribers onto your email list. Page 207
  • Advice from one of the world’s top website programmers (who was also an affiliate manager for one of the most respected marketers on the internet) for building a list of subscribers who are serious, qualified, and sometimes even ready to buy your offers “on demand.” Page 135
  • 6 discoveries (based on neuroscience) that can help almost any business build a big list of leads so qualified… it can be like they almost can’t give you their money fast enough. Page 116
  • List-building secrets of a “fringe” computer scientist and SEO/AdWords specialist who Google loves to send traffic to. Page 169
  • How the “Freddy Krueger of Blogging” builds audiences (not just “lists”… but audiences) of hot, eager-to-buy customers from scratch, and without having to spend any money. Page 186
  • The world’s greatest living direct mail specialist’s secrets for using your local post office to help cheaply pack your email list with some of the best leads you can find. Page 197
  • Secret insights into how the mysterious Ex-Russian known as “The Solo Guy” uses inexpensive solo ads to drive traffic to his sites and build his lists. Page 155
  • Facebook advertising secrets of a Canadian immigrant who often “gets away” with running ads that would get most people rejected (or even outright banned!) from Facebook’s advertising platform. Page 217
  • How to soak your business in new leads, prospects, and sales using cheap, simple-to-write Pay-Per-View ads. Page 232
  • What a “joint venture manager to the gurus” teaches newbies about setting up joint ventures with seasoned online business owners with giant lists. Page 245
  • And a ho’ bunch more.

Anyway, here’s the deal:

“Email Players List Swell” is a 296-page physical book (there is no digital or online component) that costs $641.00 with free shipping worldwide. I am deliberately pricing it this expensively for two specific reasons besides the fact I believe the information can help generate sales that easily dwarf the price:

  1. To discourage the do-nothings and new product junkies who are literally addicted to the dopamine drip they get whenever they buy anything “NEW!”, but never do anything with information they pay for.
  2. To encourage implementation of the material from everyone else — as I have found even people who insist they “already know this!” information inside the book aren’t doing most or any of it, and are just lurching around the goo-roo casino like a biz-opp zombie looking for the next big traffic fad. And, even if they do use these methods, they never seem to be using them in the unique ways I teach inside.

New product junkies & do-nothing know-it-alls irritate the hell out of me.

And, thus, I do my best to repel them from buying anything from me — preferring they go haunt someone else, instead. But, if they still insist on buying anyway… even after I have been as blunt as I possibly can about how this info is purely “old fashioned”, some of it even possibly out-of-date, and not at-all “sexy” or new… this will hopefully keep them too busy building their lists and making money to whine to me about how they already know everything.

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