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Become an Astrophysicist and reach for the stars! This is exactly what Astrophysicist do, they interpret astronomical data gathered by astronomers and understand how our universe works

The Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and Astrophysics (BSc) is a 3 year full time degree. Astronomers view the stars and galaxies not only through optical telescopes but also using radio telescopes and microwaves, together with gamma-rays and X-rays. In fact, right across the electromagnetic spectrum – called “Multi-frequency Astronomy”.

As a research intensive university, Wits has a long history and reputation built on promoting the freedom of enquiry and the search for knowledge and truth.

Our location

Wits is taking the lead in reimagining trendy Braamfontein to further our contribution towards delivering high level scarce skills for the global knowledge economy. Our location in Johannesburg, the economic and industrial heartland of the continent, places us in good stead to interact with the public and private sectors, civil society and other social agents to effect meaning­ful change in society.

Our global footprint

From trying to discover what lies beneath the Earth’s surface to saving lives through better healthcare systems, Wits is on the ground, making a difference. We have over 50 active projects on the African continent and the University is represented globally through our partnerships, collaborations, staff and student exchanges and our alumni around the world.  Wits was also the co-founder of the African Research Universities Alliance.

Our research

With more than 85% of our research published in accredited international journals, we encourage cross-disciplinary research and collaborate with the best researchers and institutions across the globe.
From telling the story of life, to finding solutions to deep level mining problems; from searching for the Higgs boson at CERN, to understanding the complexities of human interaction, Wits is at the forefront.

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